I gained my BTEC Diploma in Foundation Studies from Byam-Shaw School of Art, London, and a BA in Fine Art from Bath Spa University, Bath. I am an artist/illustrator specialising in architectural illustration and with a strong background in painting. My work has been exhibited widely in Europe and North America.  

My practice is concerned with exploring the possibilities of painting and illustration through a variety of subjects as starting points, including human and animal forms, landscape and architecture. I am interested in the formal concerns that painting can convey so well: line, form, shape and colour as well as the development of technical and material processes.  

Alongside my own practice I have worked in the arts for a number of years as a gallery preparator and administrator, alongside artists in the studio as a  technician and also as a museum guide. This includes just under 2 years with the Royal Watercolour Society at their London gallery and headquarters and more recently with the Bowers Museum of Cultural Art in southern California.

I am a creative entrepreneur and run a small paper goods business alongside commissioned work for clients and illustrating subjects of my own choosing. I enjoy working with others and undertaking challenges as well as being able to provide a unique service.  

I think the point of art is getting people to stop what they're doing and take a break from their busy lives and just look at something. In the moment of looking and taking a minute to do so you might have a revelation. Maybe it would be about art or your own life or a problem that you or the world has been struggling with. It's also about pursuing what interests you and not just being a slave to money. I truly believe that being an artist is standing up to be counted and challenging traditional perceptions about the way that we could or should spend our time.  

Influences and favourite artists include Andy Warhol, Robert Rauschenberg, Sigmar Polke, Cildo Meireles, Peter Doig, Inka Essenhigh, Carter Potter and Michelle Fierro. 

For further information please also see my blog 'Artist's Journey'.

Currently living and working in southern California, USA.



Photo: Jenn Geisert 2007               Photo: Judy Li 2007